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Richard Wesselt was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania to a dedicated and loving mother and a disciplined father who served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps.

As such, he was raised with an emphasis on hard work, service, and integrity. Throughout his early education, Richard consistently achieved excellent marks, ranking first in his class from 5th through 12th grade. Also an accomplished athlete, by his senior year in high school, he had become the quarterback for the varsity football team. As his time in high school came to a close, Richard found that he had the grades to attend any post-secondary institution that he wished. After careful thought, he chose the University of Pennsylvania, eventually graduating from its Wharton School of Business in 1989.

Upon entering the professional world, Richard Wesselt obtained his first position with Provident Mutual, where his efforts earned the insurance company’s award for ‘Rookie of the Year.’ A few years later, he was offered a role with another insurance company, Phoenix Home Life, where he led the firm in the number of policies written. This experience inspired him to found his own insurance and fiscal management company.

Wesselt Capital Group was founded in 1997. Over the quarter century since its inception, the company has assisted more than 34,000 people with their insurance needs. Richard cites helping so many people protect their futures, improve their finances, and plan for the unexpected as the most rewarding aspects of his distinguished career. Outside of running his firm, Richard Wesselt has also served on various boards of governors. Throughout his life, Bishop Kenrick High School, Kennedy Kenrick High School, and Pope John Paul High School have been important to him, and he has worked very hard to ensure that their best interests are served. Since 1992, he has raised funds and provided scholarships for these institutions, as well as mentored students.

Inspired by his mentorship experiences, Richard Wesselt is currently moving into a new phase of his career. He is in the process of founding the Wesselt Initiative, a philanthropic and community service-based organization dedicated to creating connections for students and businesses to grow and learn from one another.


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Richard Wesselt was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania to a dedicated and loving mother and a disciplined father who served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps.


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